[Customdrawn] VMG. attn Felipe

Giuliano Colla giuliano.colla at fastwebnet.it
Wed Apr 4 09:44:39 CEST 2012

Here you are.

I attach an svn diff, with the RawImage_FromDevice implemented for CD_X11.
A few details.

1) The image format I was getting back didn't fit any of the precanned 
RawImage.Description which you may get with Description.Init_BPP32..., 
and therefore the colors were not too well preserved. Getting all the 
proper values from X requires some work, to figure out how X things 
match Lazarus things.
I took a shortcut, and added a DescriptionFix, which just puts in the 
right parameters for my screen (by looking to what GTK gets back with 
the same call). They may be not the most appropriate for yours.

2) I've fixed the bug which caused the new timer crash. It was due to 
some extra changes I had made to experiment with a Timer in a different 

3) You'll find my experiments too, but they're disabled, and won't 
affect you, unless you want to give a try.

4) You may find a screenshot of the screenshot ( =) ) taken by my test 
program at:
showing the terminal window whith the profiling of an Expose event. To 
be discussed elsewhere. I'm afraid that roughly 200 ms per frame isn't a 
very good speed.


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