[Customdrawn] Trying "Customdrawn"

Michael Schnell mschnell at lumino.de
Mon Mar 26 14:19:30 CEST 2012

On 03/26/2012 12:24 PM, Giuliano Colla wrote:
> 2) Test Customdrawn in your environment. This means that until the bug 
> in LazFreeType isn't fixed, you must get rid of Luxi fonts. I believe 
> you may survive without them ;-). Tho this effect you must:
>   * Get rid of the /luxi directory which you now have put in
>     /usr/share/fonts, moving it to a place where nobody will look for
>     it, sort of ~/Badfonts. (better keep it, so that you can move it
>     back in place to verify that the bug has been fixed, if and when..)
Ooops. I Installed Luxi because this has been requested by you, after I 
reported the problem. So the problem existed before I installed Luxi, 
here seemingly some other TTF font was in progress when the error 
emerged. Of course I will remove Luxi if you don't need it for having me 
do tests with same installed.
>   * Put back in place your /truetype directory where it belongs, i.e.
>     in /usr/share/fonts, but get rid of luxi fonts inside it, e.g. by
>     deleting luxi*.ttf, or by renaming all luxi*.ttf to something like
>     luxi*.ttf.disabled, or luxi*.bad
Of course I already reverted the system to the original state (i.e. the 
TTF that had been installed by the SUSE distribution in the /truetype 
dir. But seemingly LAZFont (and other TTF aware programs) don't care 
about the directory the ttf files are in, as long as it is a subdir of 
> If there's no other font which LazFreeType doesn't like, you should be 
> able to run your test program,

That is what I tried as a result of your requesting me to test with 
Luxi. I removes all other TTF fonts but the Luxis. So the result is:
  - Crash with some TTFs but without Luxis
  - Crash with no TTFs but the Luxis

So - as the Luxis seem to work for you - I conclude that the problem is 
not the internals of any TTF files.

> Not everything in it works as it should, but it's work in progress.

Of course I do know this.

In fact I don't consider to _use_ Customdrawn, I am just trying to help, 
as I think it is a very interesting project, that I might want to use 
some day in the future.

(OK, In the Lazarus forum I learned that this qualifies me to be a troll. )

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