[Customdrawn] Some patches for dialogs and palette

Giuliano Colla giuliano.colla at fastwebnet.it
Mon Sep 10 14:07:15 CEST 2012

Hi Felipe,

I finally managed to squeeze some time to work on Lazarus.

Find here enclosed a svn diff, with my patches. They are:

1) A patch to show the icons for Custom Drawn components on the IDE 
palette in
I took the standard LCL icons, tried to add a CD, but the first attempt 
was a failure, because once scaled to the proper size, the CD was too 
thin and very ugly. So for the moment I just used the standard images, 
while I experiment on different fonts/font size etc, to provide a 
pleasant image. For the moment, however IMHO standard images are better 
than the default image for all.
You'll need to put in the same directory (i.e. /components/customdrawn/ 
)the resource file (enclosed) paletteimg.lrs, which doesn't show in 
diff, because it's not yet under svn control.

2) A patch in /lcl/buttons.pp to make public a number of constants of 
TBitBtn which are reused in TCDButton (I checked with Mattias that it 
can be done without risk)

3) A number of patches in /lcl/customdrawncontrols.pas, to extend 
TCDButton functionality adding the main features of TBitBtn.

4) A number of patches in /lcl/lazdialogs.pas to implement the class 
TCDLazMessageDialog, and the functions LazMessageDlg which provide the 
same functionality of the standard MessageDlg. (There are many 
overloaded functions, I just implemented the two most common. Others are 
trivial, and can be added later)

5) Two patches to /lcl/interfaces/customdrawn/customdrawnobject_X11.inc. 
They're a leftover of the previous patches, which I never sent, It 
appears. They avoid to send too many useless X11 mouse move and notify 
events, speeding up things, in presence of fast mouse movements or 
multiple notify such as in resizing/moving.

In order to test the custom drawn dialogs, and to compare with standard 
Lazarus Dialogs, I've made a small test program which makes life a bit 
easier. I can't enclose it, because of its size. You may get it from:


and see if it's worth adding to the examples directory, or not.

Kind regards,


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