[Customdrawn] Some patches for dialogs and palette

Giuliano Colla giuliano.colla at fastwebnet.it
Tue Sep 11 13:30:39 CEST 2012

Il 11/09/2012 12:42, Giuliano Colla ha scritto:
> Il 11/09/2012 10:04, Felipe Monteiro de Carvalho ha scritto:
>> Hello,
>> There seams to be an error in the patch:
>> ì+  // CustomDrawn
>> +  customdrawncontrols, customdrawn_common;
>> ==============
>> The LCL should not depend on the CustomDrawn package from what I
>> understand, I don't even see how this could compile ...

I checked more carefully:
the CustomDrawn comment was actually a leftover of my tests, because
customdrawncontrols and customdrawn_common are not part of the 
CustomDrawn package, they're apparently part of LCL, by sitting in the 
/lcl/ directory: that's why it compiles. The CustomDrawn package just 
installs the components in the IDE, but the components are always there, 
in a path visible when you use LCL.

To verify it, without applying your patch, but by keeping mine, I 
removed the CustomDrawn package from my Lazarus IDE, and both lazdialogs 
and my test program compile and work just fine. The IDE complains about 
the TCDButton I put in the main form (the IDE doesn't know about it), 
but it puts it there all the same, and everything works. The only 
difference is that you don't have Custom Drawn components on the IDE 

If that's not desired, then a number of files (such as 
customdrawncontrols, customdrawn_common, and maybe others, we must 
check) should be moved from the /lcl/ directory to the 
/components/customdrawn/ directory, and made part of the Custom Drawn 
Package (currently they're not). Then Custom Drawn components would be 
available only when Custom Drawn package is installed.

As of now we have the choice of lazdialogs using standard WS components 
(as you have done), or Custom Drawn components (as I had done).

The problem maybe will arise when lazdialogs will be used with CD WS: I 
didn't think about the implications. Did you?


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