[Customdrawn] Some patches for dialogs and palette

Graeme Geldenhuys graeme at geldenhuys.co.uk
Wed Sep 12 13:53:15 CEST 2012

On 12/09/12 12:19, Michael Schnell wrote:
>> TButton:  Works and displays fine at runtime.
> Hmmm. Why does it work for you and does not work for me ? Do you really
> have RangeCecking activated ? (I have no idea how to (de-)activate this.
> I never did anything on that behalf and don't know how to do this. But
> obviously in my installation RangeChecking is activated.

I would hardly call "being able to display it on the screen" as "works". 
:)  So I guess I overemphasised the fact that a TButton simply displays 
on the screen, but isn't functional.

Yes, range checking was activated.  My ~/.fpc.cfg file doesn't have 
range checking enabled (double check your file - I don't know what is 
the FPC default in ~/.fpc.cfg), so I have to enable it manually in 
Lazarus IDE via the "Project Options - Compiler Options - Code 
Generation" screen. I assume Lazarus IDE passes these settings correctly 
to the FPC compiler.

While I was at it, I tested LCL-fpGUI too, which I haven't done for a 
very long time. It seems LCL-fpGUI is at a further working state than 
LCL-CustomDrawn. The same tests worked (including TButton.OnClick) under 
LCL-fpGUI, with the exception of the TLabel (which in LCL doesn't have a 
Window Handle, but in native fpGUI it does).

   - Graeme -

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