FW: RE: [lazarus] Probelm with TComponent.Notification

Cliff Baeseman Cliff.Baeseman at Greenheck.Com
Thu Apr 15 16:39:50 EDT 1999


  Do you have the paths still set for both versions of the compiler maybe
that is what is causing problems?

Just a little thought.


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OK, as I stated I was going to get fpc 0.99.11 and try it.  Well I had
trouble so now I'm on version 0.99.10 again and when I try to compile I get
further than I did with fpc-0.99.11.  I have both installed so I simply
enter the path to each before compiling so I run the correct one and I don't
see TEXT.INC being compiled in the 0.99.10 version but in the 0.99.11
version I get the "text.inc(27,1) Error: Duplicate Identifier VAL" error.
It seems to work with version 0.99.10


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