[lazarus] Where is Classe.pp (lazarus)

Michael Van Canneyt Michael.VanCanneyt at wisa.be
Wed Apr 21 11:25:26 EDT 1999

On Wed, 21 Apr 1999 Cliff.Baeseman at Greenheck.com (Cliff Baeseman) wrote:

> Michael,
>    This brings up something I have been thinking about. Once we are ready to
> distribute should we package the FCL and our stuff as one? My intent is to
> have Lazarus install and configure everything needed on the client during
> the first run of the app. This will require me to package the Compiler, GTK
> units, FCL and our code.

Indeed :-)

You have a serious problem then... Packaging is NOT easy !

I imagine the following:

You can package everything (it's GPL'ed after all) and install simply in
non-standard places: (I imagine a root of /usr/lib/lazarus)

/etc/lazarus.cfg                     (lazarus options, contains an entry for /usr/lib/lazarus/)
                                     (should have a .lazarus.cfg counterpart in $HOME)
/usr/lib/lazarus/ppc386              (compiler binary called by lazarus )
                                     (may be obsolete if included in the ide !!)
/usr/lib/lazarus/lazarus.cfg         (lazarus COMPILER options, passed to compiler with @/usr/lib/etc.. )  
/usr/lib/lazarus/units/rtl           RTL units
/usr/lib/lazarus/units/fcl           FCL units
/usr/lib/lazarus/units/lazarus       Lazarus units.
/usr/lib/lazarus/libs                Libs needed by lazarus IDE only.
/usr/doc/lazarus                     Documentation

Etc. This way it won't clash with the standard compiler stuff. The only
executable that the user sees is lazarus, which in turn calls the compiler
located in /usr/lib/lazarus (or if it's internal, no other exe is called)

The user can still have a 'normal' fpc distribution in the standard places.

Since you made a GUI IDE, you can also make a GUI install program,
(no use installing the former, if you can't use the latter)
where the needed information can be entered by the user, checks for needed
permissions can be done etc.
I once made one for FPC using X-forms. very easy, small and lean.

I imagine the Megido people will do something similar. So you can have both
IDE's running together :-)


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