[lazarus] Where is Classe.pp (lazarus)

Shane Miller SMiller1 at stvgb.org
Wed Apr 21 16:34:06 EDT 1999

Problem: The RadioButton needs to access a "group" item so it knows what group it's in when it's created.  However, the "group" property doesn't exist in TControl or TWinControl so either I have to create one (which is kind of a waste because nothing else uses it) or I have to actually create the component in the TRadioButton class.

If I create the component in the TRadioGroup class, then how do I know when to destroy it and re-construct it when , for example, the caption changes?  See if the caption changes, the radiobutton has to be recreated because gtk doesn't give you the ability to simply change the label for a radiobutton.  You have to set the label when you create it.

So, should I move "group" all the way down, or is there a way (?virtual function?) to notify a child class of a change caused by the parent .............Can TControl call something in TRadioButton....


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