[lazarus] CVS Update

Shane Miller SMiller1 at stvgb.org
Fri Apr 23 17:21:28 EDT 1999

Thanks Cliff.

I will create the TOpenDialog tonight.  Just make believe that it's there for the time being and work on the editor.  If you could get a colorizer working, or converted to pascal, that would be great.

I guess I also have to get the TMemo to actually load when the loadfromfile function occurs....maybe I'll find some cheap way to do it for now and figure it out later.


>>> Cliff Baeseman <Cliff.Baeseman at Greenheck.com> 04/23 3:16 PM >>>
Shane you are da man.  I guess that I should work with TApplication this

I am also going to go after the editor and compiler screens this weekend. I
guess we should look at creating TOpenDialog soon so that we can get a
editor running.


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OK, the latest source is there.  The changes today include the addition of a
spinedit control, and buttons can have their label's changed dynamically
simply by setting their button#.caption property.

I noticed a problem when I call the function gtk_widget_set_usize.  It
doesn't work.

It seems to work the first time that they are both > 0 but after that they
don't seem to do anything.

I'm going to look at it again, but take a look at TControl.resize.  It's
called each time the height, left, top, or width are adjusted for a
TControl.  If you change the button's width and height in the MAIN.PP file,
you'll notice that they never get bigger/smaller than their original size,
yet you CAN move them by changing the left and top.

Interesting.  If you notice the same thing, please let me know because I am
not sure if it is me or the function messing up.


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