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Shane Miller SMiller1 at stvgb.org
Tue Jun 1 10:20:56 EDT 1999

The latest version of LAzarus is in CVS.  Please pull it and take a look.  I still have that problem if you comment out line 337 it'll crash but with it in it seems to work.

Here's something interesting though.  Run it and open a file.  You'll see a TON of output in your terminal window.  Once you open something, close lazarus and open editor.pp and put {$H+} in right before the {$mode objfpc} line and re-run it.  Try to open something.  Did it work?


>>> Cliff Baeseman <vbman at pcpros.net> 05/31 10:19 PM >>>
Yep I am running both KDE and GNOME.  All of our stuff is built on top of GTK+
that means that it does not require either desktop to run but it will
run equally well on both.

Glade is a visual forms designer written in C and is a full up and running
visual layout tool.  Glade saves it's project file in XML format. I am
hammering away at a XML parser built wit the unit scan.pp.  The idea is to
integrate our IDE with glade.  This should allow us to get to rad status very
quickly indeed.  The layout engine is a part that would take us many moons of
programming but if I can incorporate glade we should be able to do something
substantial very quickly.

BTW I run the IDE in a different directory than the source that I am
compiling.  I have a shortcut to the build IDE. Once I feel it is stable I
copy it to my running directory.  The stuff that I am doing will be plugged
into a event handler so feel free to make changes as you go.

The GTK site ww.gtk.org will be of much help.

I can send you a binary rpm for glade if you wish it is around 600k...


Curtis White wrote:

> That sounds fine with me. I will work on these things.
> What is glade? I have seen you guys talking about it, but that is the first
> I have heard of it.
> Also, has anyone ever discussed supporting KDE (in addition to GTK) with
> FPC?  Just curious since KDE seems to be pretty popular.
> Curtis
> On 01-Jun-99 Cliff Baeseman wrote:
> > Ok here goes.
> >
> > If you do not mind or wish to work on it we need a good way to do the
> > configuration startup and etc on the IDE that I sent you.  In the
> > ideinit is
> > the stuff I wrote so far to save application settings for the IDE.  We
> > need
> > to be able to save the stuff unit search paths, library paths  and we
> > also
> > need to come up with a initial project file. The project file will
> > contain
> > the stuff such as the compiler settings etc.  If you can assume this
> > stuff I
> > will work on the XML parser so that we can use glade output to build
> > pascal
> > source. The unit scan.pp is a lexical tokenizer. I use it to color the
> > source
> > and plan on using it for the XML parser.  As for who works on what it is
> > pretty loose. A bunch of the guys are working on a class structure that
> > wraps
> > GTK. I plan on using that library to build the source from the Glade
> > XML.
> > You will also have to build a compiler setting window to configure the
> > paths
> > etc.  If you do not wish to work on that just let me know and we can
> > find
> > other things for you....
> >
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