[lazarus] Better, but still linking problem ...

Peter Vreman pfv at cooldown.demon.nl
Wed Jun 2 19:54:06 EDT 1999

> Hello folks,
> I have downloaded, build and installed glib & gtk 1.2.3 !
> I have done the default buid & install i.e. in /usr/local/lib.
> I have run ldconfig, but I still have the linking problem.
> I pretty sure that's because of my old libraries but I don't
> know what I can do whit them. (delete, rename ?)
> Please find attached some informations.
> Tanks AGAIN in advance for your help, Alain.
You can safely delete the libglib.so, libgtk.so and libgdk.so symlinks in
/usr/lib if you don't develop for 1.x


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