[lazarus] Syntax Highlighter and Editor

Shane Miller SMiller1 at stvgb.org
Wed Jun 9 08:30:20 EDT 1999

Well, I must say that that's an excellent component and I will start looking at it's implementation right away.  They pretty muich have created a component that is VERY similiar to the editor and therefore would be perfect for us.

Thanks for the link!

>>> Curtis White <osiriz at teleport.com> 06/09 12:52 AM >>>
Here is a very interesting project that we might be able to steal some
really useful code from :-)

It is called mwEdit and is the source code written in Delphi to have a
complete Pascal (and other languages, Java, C++, etc.) language parser and
editor. It says the editor is written without using the Windows memo
control. It has bookmarks and gutter marks. 

It sounds like it might be a custom built editor that we may be able to
port over without too much work. This could get us a pretty nice syntax
highlighting editor really fast. Check it out!



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