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Thu Jun 10 09:32:28 EDT 1999

I would suggest downloading our source and getting familiar with it.  Once you are familiar with how we are implementing components with GTK you can work on a number of things:

1) Component's need to notify their children when they resize.  There should be a TList (I think) in TCONTROLS that keeps track of a components children components and therefore can be used to notify them that their parent resized.  
Once they get notified, they must resize accourding to their alignment.

2) TListView and TTreeView need coding.  Make sure that the code is placed into the correct unit and make sure you assign the correct GTK events to it.

3)  We are looking at somehow removing the GTK "stuff" from the units and placing them into a seperate file that could be called via a Windoze API call or something similiar to how Delphi actually creates it's components.  It would look like a winapi call when it was actually calling a function in a .o file  that contained gtk code......that's my idea anyway...

4) TMemo needs to be fixed.   TMemoStrings class has stuff commented out because I can't get it to work when I leave the "override"  uncommented.  I get an error on compile.  This neds to be fixed in order for the LOADFROMFILE from it's Lines property to notify the Memo when it's changed so it can reload the lines into the GTK object.

sound confusing?  Let me know if your interested in any of that.  Any othjer components that we don't currently have can also be worked on.  Go to and see what components they have that we don't have implemented yet.


>>> "Cliff Baeseman" <vbman at> 06/09 10:25 PM >>>
Ok here we go I am going to pass you off to Shane. Shane is working the
component library while I am off seperately working the XML parser for the
glade builder and the Flat IDE....

I am going to CC this to the lazarus list so please join the list.

Shane can you hook this dude up? Maybe he can work the component library
with you...


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>well.. i am a delphi programmer and i am realllllly interested in component
>so if you have some base component, i'll be very happy to develop some more
>on that.. :o)
>but i guess you have a lot of people doing that already.
>i know delphi very well.. and i'm still trying to find my way around fpc..
>but it is still a matter of a week or two before i am expert at the
>differences :o)
>up to you .. what needs to be done ?
>At 06:29 PM 6/9/99 -0500, you wrote:
>>Yes all of the guys that are currently on the Team where on the Megido
>>previously. We also came to the relization that the Sybil code base will
>>us no good at all ("Reasons You Mentioned"). We were also discontented
>>the lack of project progress and poor communications.
>>Most of the guys are working the object tree and myself and one other guy
>>Curtis are working on a Flat Programmed IDE just Pure GTK code very few
>>I am completing work on a pascal XML parser so that I can import glade
>>projects into the flat IDE.
>>Let me know what types of stuff are of interest to you.
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>>Date: Wednesday, June 09, 1999 5:29 PM
>>Subject: Megido vs Lazarus ...
>>>Hey VBMan !
>>>I was a TM in the Megido projetc and i am getting scared that the project
>>>is not going to be 'alive' very long. i feel like Megido is trying to do
>>>something impossible. a big part of the code of sybil, the codebase for
>>>Megido is in asm x86 .. which restrict a lot of the users to use this
>>>of platform.
>>>Well.. i am willing to help participate as of a couple hours a week
>>>(between 5 and 10, maybe more) for lazarus.
>>>Feel free to contact me and tell me about what you need me to work on,
>>>see what i can do !
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>>>sufficiently talented fool.
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