[lazarus] Asserts and other stuff

Shane Miller smiller at lakefield.net
Wed Jun 23 21:45:05 EDT 1999

Things are a bit stalled.  I have blown my Linux system up and have been
using my  other system to test Windows 2000.  I will get back to it shortly.
The problem in lazarus isn't a major thing.  See, Lazarus is a side issue,
it's the components and controls that need to be built.  Lazarus is going to
be an IDE once those components and controls exist.  I think it would be a
good idea for those interested to find a GTK widget that we currently don't
have and create it, or clean up our current controls.  No one seems to be
creating controls at the moment other than myself and I am stalled.

Simply go to gtk.org, look at the widgets they have, look into out code and
see how we are doing it (look at tbutton and trace it to tcontrol to see how
it's done) and add a new control.  Notify the list when you plan on doing a
gtk widget so know one else does it.....please I beg you!  I need help
creating the controls.....


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Date: Wednesday, June 23, 1999 1:28 PM
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>Brad Campbell <bcampbel at omen.net.au> el día Wed, 23 Jun 1999 11:17:50
>>At 22:52 22/06/99 GMT, you wrote:
>>>2.  I still can't compile the Lazarus source!  I still get the
>>>method/procedure errors in dialogs.pp.  I got the source direct from CVS
>>>today in hopes that it would work.  If this is still not ready, could
>>>somebody email me an executable?  Send an i386 or PII linux executable to
>>>tenor at xnet.com.
>>As much as I HATE to do this...
>I've sended an updated dialogs.pp weeks ago, but I guess
>it get lost in the mailing list.
>Anyway, things seems stalled...
>(and I'm doing others things)
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