[lazarus] Importance

Shane Miller smiller at lakefield.net
Fri Jun 25 16:38:23 EDT 1999

I really apprciate everyone's comments about Lazarus and the project in
general and I know Cliff feels the same.
This WILL be a great IDE and a big step into getting more developers over to
the Linux OS.  We simply need more controls written.

With all the latest comments on Lazarus it has really gotten me more exicted
about the entire thing again and I will start cranking it up again soon.

Anyone interested in helping, feel free.  We still need the TControls class
to keep track on the child components on a parent so when it gets resized it
can notify it's children in case they need to resize.  This is a big deal so
I would appreciate someone looking at the Controls.pp unit and seeing if
they can find a way (similiar to Delphi's method) to keep track of the
children when a control is added to a parent.  Also, you would need to
determine a method to send the child controls a resize message...

I will fix the compile error tonight or tomorrow (hopefully) and update CVS.
I have people coming over tonight so if I have to much fun I may not be able
to write any code.  :-)

Thanks for the comments


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From: Christian Farmer <cfarmer at itworkz.com>
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Date: Thursday, June 24, 1999 10:24 PM
Subject: [lazarus] Importance

>I have been lurking only for a few days, as is my norm when joining a new
>But, I wanted to say that I joined the list in hopes of becoming a part of
>the project.
>This project has the potential of becoming one of the hottest things in
>terms of development for the next few years. I mean that. If you looking at
>the directions things are developing and when other key elements are, this
>project will play a critical role is determining the viability of Linux and
>even Open Source in general. A solid (read "not like V.B.") RAD tool can
>make Linux a core platform for new development by developers.
>When I say "developer", I mean someone who takes core elements and ties
>together to make specific solutions. When I say "programmer", I mean
>who creates core elements.
>Developers work at a higher level than "programmers". They need to be
>separated from the details a little to allow them to look at the problem.
>Linux is a solid platform for "programming". There is a lot of support in
>this area. But there needs to be one good tool for "Developers" to rapidly
>tie the core elements together to make specific solutions. It would be nice
>if that tool also encouraged efficient programming (Like Delphi does).
>Anyway, this project will open the doors to the Linux platform for people
>who only want to be developers. I believe that adding these developers to
>the Linux and Open Source communities will be a big benefit to Linux and
>Open Source in general. (IMHO). And, the quality of this project, will lend
>credibility to their presence.
>Anyway, I believe this is a great project and hope to find a place in it!
>(returning to lurk mode for a few more days,...)   :)
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