[lazarus] Asserts and other stuff

Shane Miller smiller at lakefield.net
Fri Jun 25 16:39:07 EDT 1999

Search for your X11 directory and add it to your path.  It seems that it's
not in your search path...


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>In a message dated 6/24/99 4:09:08 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
>pfv at cooldown.demon.nl writes:
><< The problem why lazarus doesn't compile anymore is that procedures are
> assigned to methodpointers which are not compatible. But methodpointers
> are in the compiler only for two months now and are still under (heavy)
> development. >>
>Even when I comment out all the offending methodpointers , I get another
>error saying something like:
>ld -lX11 file does not exist
>I'm at work now, I'll post the actual error from home if necessary. I would
>like to help out, and if I could get a taste of Lazarus it may help me see
>what I want to work on.
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