John Margaglione jmargaglione at hotmail.com
Sun Jun 27 01:53:03 EDT 1999

I have created a web page to track ownership/progress for development of controls.  


What I need is for the authors to send me an email and let me know which *specific* components they are working on.  If you want to work on a component, just send me an email and I'll mark you on the web page as being the author.  When you have something usable, put it in CVS and send me an email letting me know what state the component is in.  Here are some guidelines for state:

Just started coding
Basic functionality done
Fully wrapped

I think we all get the idea.  By the way, I put the web page on my site, but for consistency's sake we need to put all the Lazarus pages on one site.  Right now we have at least 3.  Anyone want to volunteer some space on a server (my site is on my dial-up account, which limits me to 10MB, of which about 6 is already used :(.

John Margaglione
jmargaglione at hotmail.com

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