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Names make little difference to me. I just like to write lots of code.

I am also a community oriented fella so whatever the masses wishes is fine
by me. 

BTW I will be cranking back up tonight. I had to knock off development for a
few weeks while cranking something out at my boring day job.

I just built another machine devoted to development. It will probably take
me tonight to get the final configuration together and rejoin the effort.
What do we think about the current direction with the GTK+ widgets. Does
anyone have ideas about anything better. These widgets are ok to put
something quick out but there are also many problems in the way in which
they work. First of all the call back methods they use are flexible but they
also cause execution to have to be directed back and forth from the C libs
so that the code does not fall through. Another problem is that the widgets
do not lend themselves to XY widget placement. I have not looked to closely
at it but should we be implementing at the glib level? Maybe totaly define
our component structures based from glib vs the already defined widgets.
This would maybe be more work but allow us to move the code to a more delphi
like implementation?.

What does everyone think? Suggestions Welcome.

In any case we need to work the flat IDE a little to make it just a bit more


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John Margaglione wrote:
> I think we all get the idea.  By the way, I put the web page on my
> site, but for consistency's sake we need to put all the Lazarus pages
> on one site.

Hey it is up to Cliff and Shane since they started this whole sleigh
ride but I can of course set it up on my site. If we want to get fancy I
can also setup a domain for it.


or some agreed upon name.

What say thee Cliff?

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