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   What we really need to define is a runtime implementation of something
such as the JVM for our gui development. Perhaps we need to define a common
interface that can be ported to all platforms. 

Something like this.   Our code -->  Interface  -->  GUI Subsystem.

The Interface would be our library dll and the GUI Subsystem would be
platform code.

The interface code would likely have to be written in C or in C++ to talk to
the GUI of the platform on its level.

This would be a great undertaking but our GUI code would be totally portable
as long as the Interface definition did not change.

This is the most flexible arrangement that I can think of...


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Baeseman, Cliff wrote:
> I have not looked to closely at it but should we be implementing at
> the glib level? Maybe totaly define our component structures based
> from glib vs the already defined widgets.
> What does everyone think? Suggestions Welcome.

I have thought about this in the past. If we were intending on making
Lazarus (aka the FCL) GUI API dependent then coding directly to glib
would be the best idea. Then all compenents would be designed within the
FCL and would make inheritence of components and the ability to redesign
components based on a parent much easier.

However, that would tie us more closely to GTK. It might make using
other APIs such as QT for KDE much more difficult. By not going stright
to glib we will be able to make interfaces directly to the GNOME widget
set which gives our FPC code immediate D&D, Corba, etc. etc. without our
having to add any of that into the FCL. So it is a trade off. I think
setting up interfaces to the various GUI APIs is the best way to go. It
removes that headache from our shoulders.

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