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Is GDK in any of our currently ported headers. I cannot remember and do not
have the FPC loaded back just yet.

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>Shane Miller wrote:
>> I'm not real familiar with XLib so let me ask this.  Is the XLib the
>> method that was used to write KDE and other GUI's?  Or is it simply
>> another component library?
>Xlib is the X11 system. It is what was used to write the GDK. Then GTK
>was written using the GDK. Then Gnome is written using the GTK. The same
>kind of process goes for KDE. Qt's primatives (I don't know their name)
>are written to the Xlib. The Qt widgets are written to use the Qt
>primiatives. KDE is written using the Qt widgets.
>What we are talking about is writting our own GTK or Qt or what we would
>call the FCL. Our FCL would talk to the Xlib directly. To skip some of
>this headache we could use GDK instead of going all the way down to
>> Can we then create a unit that has a CREATECOMPONENT and SENDMESSAGE
>> and such that will interface with X11 library?
>We would be able to do ANYTHING we wish. All of the messaging component
>interaction would be written by us in the FCL. We would not be calling
>or using any other libs other than the standard X11 libs which you have
>to use even with GTK. The GDK might be easier to use as the low level
>graphics primatives since it already takes care of many of the headaches
>involved with accessing the X11 libs.
>Think about it this way. If you look in the Delphi VCL most of the
>direct Windows API calls are only found within the Draw methods of any
>component. That is what we are talking about. All the rest of the
>component would be written entirely with FPC in Pascal. Only the Draw
>method would need to be written to address how the widget in question
>looks and is...well drawn. We could call Xlib directly or as I said
>overcome alot of Xlib headaches by using GDK. This is the "Graphics
>Drawing Kit" that is the basis of GTK. The other advantage to using the
>GDK is that it is already ported to Win32. If GTK has been ported to
>Win32, well then GDK has been as well. We would write our components
>once using GDK and any platform that has GTK/GDK would be able to use
>the FPC and the FCL. We still get the portability of the graphics
>primatives but aren't tied to the widget set of GTK.
>The GDK has all your basics:
>Draw Pixel
>Draw Lines
>Draw Rectangles
>Draw Polygons
>All of these than have the standard outlined or filled what color, etc.
>I think this way of doing the FCL gives us the most flexibility within
>FPC. We will not be tied to a limited widget set established by some
>other third party API.
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