Curtis White osiriz at teleport.com
Sun Jun 27 23:25:05 EDT 1999

Like you, I have been really busy the last few weeks on my day job. But now
things are getting back to normal for me again, so I should be able to get
going on this again.

I am still working on the Simple (or Flat) IDE. I have not been able to
figure out why the syntax highlighting for comments is not working correctly.
Since this is just a temporary IDE, I don't think I will spin my wheels on that
little comment bug any more. I think it is something we can live with for now.

I am going to finish enhancing the Simple IDE so it will allow us to easily work
on Lazarus. My plan is to move the Pascal keywords out to a config file (or use
the tokens and scanner that the compiler uses). I am going to add a simple
Options dialog and save the properties out to an Ini file. I would like to
include the compiler directly in the code instead of shelling out to compile,
but we will see on that one how much work it will take. If it is easy to do,
then I will do it. Otherwise I will leave it the way it is. I also want to add a
Search/Replace dialog. It is really hard finding things sometimes without that.
Finally, I want to add a Project file that will hold all the project settings.

I don't want to spend too much time on the Simple IDE, but I think it does need
to those things added to be really useful. I am working on it right now, so
should have something useful soon.

As far as relying on the built in widgets in GTK+, I have not been involved in
the component development yet, so I can't answer from experience. But from what
I do know, I agree that we should look at implementing them at the glib level.
It might take more work, but if it gives us more flexibility, then it would
probably be worth it. Wrapping the existing GTK+ widgets will be faster,
but it would limit our widgets to their functionality. It could be really
difficult to add functionality that way. I like the flexibility to do more.


On 27-Jun-99 Baeseman, Cliff wrote:
> Names make little difference to me. I just like to write lots of code.
> I am also a community oriented fella so whatever the masses wishes is fine
> by me. 
> BTW I will be cranking back up tonight. I had to knock off development for a
> few weeks while cranking something out at my boring day job.
> I just built another machine devoted to development. It will probably take
> me tonight to get the final configuration together and rejoin the effort.
> What do we think about the current direction with the GTK+ widgets. Does
> anyone have ideas about anything better. These widgets are ok to put
> something quick out but there are also many problems in the way in which
> they work. First of all the call back methods they use are flexible but they
> also cause execution to have to be directed back and forth from the C libs
> so that the code does not fall through. Another problem is that the widgets
> do not lend themselves to XY widget placement. I have not looked to closely
> at it but should we be implementing at the glib level? Maybe totaly define
> our component structures based from glib vs the already defined widgets.
> This would maybe be more work but allow us to move the code to a more delphi
> like implementation?.
> What does everyone think? Suggestions Welcome.
> In any case we need to work the flat IDE a little to make it just a bit more
> productive.
> Cliff

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