R: [lazarus]

Michele Manara micuno at tin.it
Mon Jun 28 01:47:49 EDT 1999

I everybody,

I found the lazarus project looking for a tools as powerful and easy to use
as the one I use on windows: Delphi of course.
I'm not an expert linux-unix-gtk programmer but I have a couple of thoughts
to share.

Gtk vs Qt
If I'm using a windows app, I expect the app's look and feel to be the
standard one. If I'm editing in an edit box I'm sure that ctrl-C will copy
the text in the clipboard, if I change the system colors I expect all the
apps will use the new scheme, and so on.
To write a new widget set with this common functionality is a huge work.
Instead write TWO wrappers, one for QT and one for GTK, but with the same
interface, at least for the basic widgets. I will insert in the uses list
QTForm or GtkForm, but in code I will always use TForm. Changing the uses
list and recompiling I will port my app from GNOME to KDE.

The IDE is by far more important of the widget set. Give me a good project
manager - editor - INTEGRATED DEBUGGER and I will use plane gtk without

Happy coding

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