[lazarus] About toolkits.

Michael Van Canneyt michael.vancanneyt at wisa.be
Mon Jun 28 03:51:08 EDT 1999


I've been reading the thread that followed my remark about writing the
interface in pascal; I was amazed at the proposals.

It seems to me that you should stick to the original plan:

Develop a RAD and a Component library, built on top of GTK. This will allow
you to develop something workable in a reasonable time.

Keeping your design modular, you should be able, at a later time, to extend
the class library to support other toolkits, including the low-level Xlib.

Any other road will slow you down significantly, increase the number of
possible bugs and leave you without a tool.

Do not yet spend too much time on dreaming about what is possible. Get something
workable first, then you can start dreaming.

And, if you allow me a slight critique:
Then you'll have the grounds: You'll have something workable which _you_ made.
Now you have nothing workable yet. Do not blame it this on the compiler;
there is another project which has an IDE, completely OOP, built on top
of GTK, so it IS possible.
(although, it must be said, they are stuck on a (different) compiler bug alo;
We're working to solve it.)

I hope this doesn't sound too harsh, it certainly isn't my intention. My interest
is mainly to keep you from straying off the road to our common target: A RAD for
Linux, and possible other platforms.


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