[lazarus] db components

Rick Dawson dawson_j at crane.navy.mil
Mon Jun 28 09:39:12 EDT 1999

Has anyone started on db components yet? I have yet to get a working copy
of the project yet so that I can really find out, so I thought I would ask.

What direction is it taking / would it take? I have been looking iodbc and
unixodbc a bit, and have come across a few references about kde and gnome
might be including iodbc, or a dirivative thereof, in the future.  The
iodbc, is, I believe, supposed to be source compatible with MS's odbc spec. 

This is of prime importance to me, much more so than your debate over where
to base your controls, in GTK or QT.  My job is to do 'database
development', which I do in Delphi. I would like, very much for my delphi
code to continue on into the Linux environment.

Since this is my area of experience, I am willing to devote some of my time
to this part of the project, though it would probably only be a couple of
hours a week. I am slow, but I think I can contribute. Besides, I have
several problems with Delphi's implementation of TTable and TQuery, such as
they don't implement the 'recno' property for SQL databases like they
should. That would have been a tremendous help in my current project.

Rick Dawson

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