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d0hb0y d0hb0y at lynq.com
Mon Jun 28 19:29:04 EDT 1999


I would like to discuss Database interactions further if you decide to
pursue this project.  My job is primarily database application development
as well, although since I work in Visual Basic I may have some interesting
ideas to throw into the mix as well.  

I would love to see myths like bound controls implemented correctly in my
lifetime -- and M$ after 7 years of promising Bound Controls has failed to
grasp how to do them correctly in a wan environment. Anyway I do not want
to shoot this list server off onto a tangent, we could probably fill a
whole other list server with database ideas.  In fact, if anyone is
interested in brainstorming some database interface ideas in lazarus, I'd
be willing to set up a listserver here for that purpose.  

== Ron

At 08:43 AM 6/28/99 -0500, you wrote:
>Has anyone started on db components yet? I have yet to get a working copy
>of the project yet so that I can really find out, so I thought I would ask.
>What direction is it taking / would it take? I have been looking iodbc and
>unixodbc a bit, and have come across a few references about kde and gnome
>might be including iodbc, or a dirivative thereof, in the future.  The
>iodbc, is, I believe, supposed to be source compatible with MS's odbc spec. 
>This is of prime importance to me, much more so than your debate over where
>to base your controls, in GTK or QT.  My job is to do 'database
>development', which I do in Delphi. I would like, very much for my delphi
>code to continue on into the Linux environment.
>Since this is my area of experience, I am willing to devote some of my time
>to this part of the project, though it would probably only be a couple of
>hours a week. I am slow, but I think I can contribute. Besides, I have
>several problems with Delphi's implementation of TTable and TQuery, such as
>they don't implement the 'recno' property for SQL databases like they
>should. That would have been a tremendous help in my current project.
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