[lazarus] Multiplataform

Nicolas Aragon nico at clubdelphi.com
Tue Jun 29 19:36:38 EDT 1999


>> Using this approach, and KCL people seems to go this way, it's
>> possible to write both trees independently.
>no, it uses a different approach: at the moment KCL is a single big unit
>(only the signal/slot stuff is separated, as this isn't platform
>dependent). Its interface and implementation parts are a bunch of
>include files.

I see. But this way needs recompilation. I hope that the same code
could be used without even re-link. I think in an IDE written on gtk
that produces programs that could run on qt, in programs that could
check what library is available... of course I don't intend to write
all this myself X'D

But I can think of more simple examples: an installer. 

>So all implementations share the same interface part; the only thing you
>have to do is to define some target-dependend types at the beginning of
>the interface part. For example, a TWidget has a member called 'Handle'.
>Under GTK, this is defined as a PGtkWidget, unter Win32 it is a HWindow,
>and so on.

If you don't plan to do any of what I said, it's OK. But even then, I
think that it's more difficult to maintain: at some point you could
want to introduce a feature that may not be implemented in other
sections. Using inheritance almost forces you to stay compatible.

>> I must disagree a bit: I've been waiting a long time for "procedure of
>> object" bugs to be solved.
>you're not alone...

I've found FPC people very responsive in most cases. This seems to be
a very tough problem. 



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