[lazarus] Multiplataform

Michael Van Canneyt michael.vancanneyt at wisa.be
Wed Jun 30 11:50:12 EDT 1999

On Wed, 30 Jun 1999, Sebastian [iso-8859-1] Günther wrote:

> Nicolas Aragon wrote:
> > I see. But this way needs recompilation. I hope that the same code
> > could be used without even re-link.
> Yes, I've been thinking of this for some time now, as there are some
> quite good reason to support this; and maybe we will find a solution
> some day. But at first we need a concept for building component
> libraries which are dynamically loadable; I will have a closer look on
> this topic very soon. (as KCL is LGPL'ed, I think it is required to
> support dynamic linking)
> There is no reason why KCL shouldn't be able to support such techniques,
> as the memory layout of all classes are identically for all platforms.
> (take a look at the source and you know why, although in the current
> snapshot there may be some exceptions of this. I will fix this soon.)

There should be no problem with this from the compiler point of view;
which doesn't mean that it isn't difficult. Since both win32 and linux
support dynamical loading of libraries, it should be possile to do this
in a platform independent way.

> > If you don't plan to do any of what I said, it's OK. But even then, I
> > think that it's more difficult to maintain: at some point you could
> > want to introduce a feature that may not be implemented in other
> > sections. Using inheritance almost forces you to stay compatible.
> you can use dummy implementations
> > I've found FPC people very responsive in most cases. This seems to be
> > a very tough problem.
> yes, obviously. As Michael said before, these bugs prevent me from
> releasing the first official KCL and IDE snapshots, but as there is
> enough other work to do, I have no problem in waiting more than the
> usual 12-24 hours for bug fixes. At least they will have to fix them
> before the 1.0 release... ;-)

It should be fixed now. at least the test programs we got from you, and our
own, seem to work correctly. Get the latest version from CVS to test.


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