[lazarus] GTK or XLib or Whatever

Jeff Wormsley jwormsley at debitek.com
Wed Jun 30 13:25:33 EDT 1999

>Yes, but also WORKABILITY. gtk compiles on Win32 - GNOME doesn't.

This does assume a higher lever than is actually needed.  A Dialog wrapper could call the 60 Gtk lines to do it, the 3 Gnome lines to do it, or however many WinAPI lines to do it.   The current approach is to make things with Gtk first, then seperate and add things like Qt later.  Personally I think this could lead to trouble, as there may be really killer differences in the libs that might cause a complete restructuring to accomodate, and that would probably mean the first lib that didn't fit wouldn't get done.  If, however, the development begins multi-lib, multi-platform, then any pitfalls like this get caught a lot earlier, and should guarantee a more flexible and well thought out design.


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