[lazarus] Multiplataform

Sebastian Günther sguenther at gmx.de
Wed Jun 30 18:51:37 EDT 1999

Nicolas Aragon wrote:

> >It should be fixed now. at least the test programs we got from you, and our
> >own, seem to work correctly. Get the latest version from CVS to test.
> Are you sure?

Yes, at least I am sure, as our IDE works now!!! (ok, there are still
other bugs, but _this_ stuff is working now). Thanks, Michael!

> Having;
> type
>   TProcedureOfObject = procedure of object;
> Will this work?
> procedure Blah( a: TProcedureOfObject );
> And give the expected results, of course :))

Yes, we're using procedures of objects for the new keyboard handling
code, and I can assure you that it works now.
(BTW, if you are interested: The editor widget I wrote (TSHTextEdit)
holds a list of keyboard actions (method address (!) and human-readable
description for this action) and a list of key assignments
(keycode+modifiers -> keyboard action). So it's possible to change
nearly all keyboard shortcuts, and to build a configuration dialog in
which you see a list of all keyboard actions and their associated
keyboard shortcut.

- Sebastian

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