[lazarus] Problem linking

Shane Miller SMiller1 at stvgb.org
Wed May 12 17:00:53 EDT 1999

So is it the thought that the problem is in gtk (C version) not the gtk (.pp) version?
In other words, I should go to www.gtk.org and download gtk+-1.2.1 and glib-1.2.1 and reinstall them?


>>> "Michael A. Hess" <mhess at miraclec.com> 05/12 3:48 PM >>>
Shane Miller wrote:
> OK, here's the problem.
> I've updated my ppc386 to today's snapshot, I've pulled glib and gtk
> 1.2.3 and updated fcl (make'd and installed) and I've updated gtk
> (make and install) and when I converted the lazarus code to 1.2.1
> code, it compiles, but can't link.

OK here is what I just did about 15 minutes ago.

1. I updated /fpc/fcl from CVS

2. I deleted my /fpc/gtk directory and checkout new files for /fpc/gtk
   from CVS. Then I recompiled using the linux snapshot from today.

3. Update my lazarus from CVS. It didn't compile since I assume CVS
   hasn't been updated with the converted lazarus code.

4. Downloaded the lazarus.zip file from the lazarus web page.

5. Compile lazarus with the latest snapshot.

6. Ran lazarus and it blows up when trying to open a file. Stuff to be
   expected.   :-)

So the only thing different I have from you is that I am using the 1.2
library of gtk and not the 1.2.3.

In any case for all who cares I did all of this using the makefile and
new makefile.fpc. It compiled and built everything without having to
install anything to different directories and what not.

All I did was type make in each of the appropriate directories. The only
catch was the for some reason it attempts to link graphics.o twice. I
had to edited link.res to remove that.

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