[lazarus] Latest snapshot can't compile gtk

Peter Vreman pfvreman at wins.uva.nl
Thu May 20 05:42:15 EDT 1999

At 04:29 20-5-99 , you wrote:
>I just tried to compile the gtk with the latest snapshot and something
>must of broke in the compiler because it won't compile any more and
>nothing in the gtk code has been changed for days.
>It gives and error indicating that a parameter ARGS was already defined
>earlier even though in both cases it was a paramter in a procedure
>definition.   :-\
>Since I did a clean on my gtk directory I can't try and build the new
>lazarus stuff. Dang it Shane and I wanted to see it.   :-(
Strange, i was yesterday on somebody else computer with no fpc installed 
before and i could compile everything correct (only a small bug in 
stdcontrols.pp of lazarus)

but within one of two weeks this will be solved and 0.99.12 will be out 
with precompiled units

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