[lazarus] Editor

Sebastian Günther sguenther at gmx.de
Mon Oct 18 06:38:31 EDT 1999

Curtis White wrote:

> Oh, OK. I understand now. This way it would be a completely standalone
> component. That would work very nice. Then we could just put it on a TForm or
> TNotebook page in Lazarus and it would work. That would be great.

Yes. We will have to solve some problems with the keyboard definitions,
and we will see what to do with clipboard support, but this problems
will be solved.

> BTW, does SHEdit have a way to do Syntax Highlighting of pascal source code?
> I'm sure it does because it did in the version from your web site. But I didn't
> see the pascal highlighting code in the version you just sent to the list. Does
> the new editor work the same way or how does the pascal syntax highlighting work
> in the new editor?

Oops... The highlighters still are part of Kassandra, whereas I have
moved the SHEdit widget to KCL. I will move the highlighters to the
SHEdit sources.
The Pascal highlighter can be found in kassandra/src/vw_pas.pp.

> Also, can we do XML highlighting (I think we are doing our forms in XML) in
> SHEdit?

Yes, there is a working XML highlighter in Kassandra, it is included in
the 1999/08/29 snapshot (file kassandra/src/vw_xml.pp).


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