[lazarus] Progress

Samuel Liddicott sam at campbellsci.co.uk
Wed Sep 1 04:40:47 EDT 1999

I'm with you entirely on this Jeff; and IMHO it is worth lobbying the GTK
folk to make all components support owner draw.

I am also absolutely horrified to find that weird stretchy-scaling windows
are the norm, and that a special widget has to be made to hold windows
steady.  Surely stretchy/steady should just be a property of the base
container widget!

I will join the GTK list and see what can be done there.


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> Is this an absolute requirement?  What I am saying, is that if the GTK
> library, as it exists now in C, does not have what is desired, and if
> someone is willing to go to the hellishly low levels of implementing it in
> FPC, is there any reason not to?  To make a ridiculous example...
>  If there
> were no button in GTK, would that mean that Lazarus could never have a
> button?  Or could someone implement a button widget in FPC, calling the
> lower level GTK C functions, and make this part of the LCL so
> that a button
> could exist in Lazarus, even though other GTK apps had no concept of one?
> While I agree wholeheartedly that if it already exists, use it, I
> don't see
> why we must abandon anything that isn't a part of every single platform,
> when it can be created.  What I am getting at is that,  if a GTK developer
> in C can create a new widget, why can't a Lazarus developer in FPC develop
> one as well, if there isn't already a C version?  Or is it better in your
> opinion to develop the widget in C, have it made part of the GTK,
> then wrap
> it into Lazarus?  While this would indeed work, personally, it seems to
> hold us at the mercy of each API that we support.  In other words, Lazarus
> can't have feature A until everyone else has feature A.  Surely this can't
> be your meaning?  What have I missed?
> Jeff.
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