[lazarus] Progress

Shane Miller smiller at lakefield.net
Wed Sep 1 17:00:35 EDT 1999

>> Actuallly, users WILL be able to create their own widgets once we add
>> some drawing mechanism that they can use to draw their widget.  They
>> COULD write the entire thing in Pascal if they wished, just like you
>> add something totally new in windows.  If there isn't something that
>> looks like you need, then you need to draw it.  The drawing interface
>> will need to be done before this is possible.
>How do you plan on having this LCL generated component receive new
>events that were not originally defined for the base widget?
>How will this be able to support themes?
>How will this be able to support DnD?
>How will this be able to support Corba?
>If you think that you can make it do all of this well then great. We had
>this dicussion back in the beginning of the summer where we mulled over
>the possibility of writing directly to the XLIB or GDK. We all decided
>that it wasn't the way to go. Now all of a sudden everyone is talking
>about doing that again. If you go that way I feel that it will be
>extremely difficult to keep the indendence we have started with the
>InterfaceObject stuff. The only way to do it will most likely be to tie
>GTK or whatever API directly to the LCL.

Again, events would have to be dispatched internally and the only way they
could dispatch those events internally is to have some base of events
already active for their new component.  This leads me to believe that a
GTKEVENTBOX as a TControl or a TWInCOntrol to each component.  That way
anything that inherits TWINCONTROL would have the events that the

Michael is right, to a point.  I can't create a widget that has a
double-click mouse event if the base I am inheriting from doesn't have a
click event already assigned to it.  However, perhaps we should look at the
gtkeventbox as a twincontrol or something.

Again, I still say this is not a big deal.  We'll never be able to use the
Deelphi Super page components (at least not many of them) and throw them
into Lazarus.  BUT, similiar compnents may be able to be made, especially
non visual ones.....

Lets agree to that point and discuss the issue of adding a gtkeventbox to
twincontrol.  Whenever TWinControl is created, a gtkeventbox is created
(depending on the fscompstyle?) so we know the base events that are
I obviously haven't worked this out in my mind yet.  I will look further
into it, but lets hear other's thoughts.


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