[lazarus] Progress

Michael A. Hess mhess at miraclec.com
Wed Sep 1 17:05:52 EDT 1999

Baeseman, Cliff wrote:
> If we wan't this type of functionality we need to program directly
> against XLib itself and not involve QT or GTK whatsoever.

This is more or less the message I was trying to impart. We can't easily
get there from how we are currently designed.

> I do believe from working with the GTK lib for some time that it is
> probably also the best solution.

Maybe trying to support every and any API is the real problem. I don't
exactly thing that building to the XLib would be the best thing though.
For example Gnome and KDE both have extensive DnD and Corba and Themes
built into the widget set which we would have to reinvent if we coded
directly to the XLib.

> If I were to be giving advice to borland on how to do their port I
> would tell them to code directly against XLib and not even worry about
> GTK and QT.

No I think my advice would be to pick one API and stick withit, period.

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