[lazarus] Progress

Samuel Liddicott sam at campbellsci.co.uk
Thu Sep 2 10:31:46 EDT 1999

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> In some ways, this shows how despite its many limitations, it is a good
> thing that the VCL keeps a handle to the WindProc, and that it can be
> overriden so that ANY windows message in existence can be handled.  Since
> GTK only implements messages that are specifice to the widget,
> and does not
> allow you to override the lowest level to add your own, it will make it
> very hard to do a lot of things common in Delphi (at the component writers
> level).

This is how I see it.  It is a GTK mistake.  If GTK do not nohow allow
overriding of methods or events they have not permitted, AND if we cannot
quickly derive our own descendant of any GTK widget that DOES pass all
events, then I start to wonder why we are with GTK, because whatever nice
thing lazarus is, whatever nice object pascal gui thing it will be, it will
be nothing like delphi.


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