[lazarus] Event Box usage....

Shane Miller smiller at lakefield.net
Thu Sep 2 18:46:50 EDT 1999

I proposed using an eventbox about 20 emails ago for this purpose.  The
problem that I see is it's overhead.  It adds alot to the resource overhead.
However, it does give us the assurance that all components will be able to
handle certain types of events.  Plus we only need the eventbox for certain
components, as others basically have their own built in.

If you add an eventbox under a button so the button's parent is the
eventbox, and you click on the button, who gets the event?  The eventbox or
the button?  That's the only problem.  If the eventbox doesn't get the
events, then we still couldn't use the evnetbox to handle all the before and
after stuff.

I'm sure we'll think of a way around that.

All we need to do is when the control is created, if it is a certain type,
create an eventbox, and then create the component.  do a gtk_object_set_data
and set the 'COMPONENT' to this button, label or whatever.  That way we can
access it through the eventbox.


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