[lazarus] about TWinControl. (fwd)

Peter Vreman pfv at cooldown.demon.nl
Fri Sep 3 08:30:35 EDT 1999

Hello, Peter.

Becouse your name is in last revision (1.12) of wincontrol.inc, and
becouse I couldn't find who is maintainer of TWinControl at Lasarus 
web page, I address to you.

I've read code and found smth strange in 
Procedure TWinControl.AlignControl(AControl : TControl);

Everywhere in code such construction used:  TControl(Owner)
But it seems to me that it's wrong and Parent should be used instead.
There are difference between Parent and Owner
Parent - visual entity which have our TWinControl as one of children
Owner - container which has ownership relation to our TWinControl. 
For example, Owner will Destroy our TWinControl when in his destructor.
And Owner can be non-visual component (not derived fron TControl).

Maybe this can be of use for you. 
Or maybe conception of Parent/Owner is not working now in Lasarus.

BTW, who is maintainer (main developer) for TWinControl

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