[lazarus] Q: Current progress

Jeffrey A. Wormsley daworm at cdc.net
Sun Sep 12 17:31:27 EDT 1999

On 9/12/99, at 3:10 PM, Michael A. Hess wrote: 

>I only just cycled a new compiler and update Lazarus myself last night
>for the first since before I went on vacation which was 4 weeks ago. :-\

I went out of town this weekend, and was going to put lazarus/fpc on my old
laptop to work on some while I was gone.  After updating from CVS, I
started a cycle on it.  Two hours later I didn't have ppc1 yet.  Never, I
repeat Never try to cycle the compiler on a 486-100 with 8 meg of RAM.  You
will grow grey hair before it finishes (if anyone already has grey hair,
then it would fall out, and if it has already fallen out, then you wouldn't
care, as you wouldn't make it long enough to see it finish).  Needless to
say, the laptop stayed home.


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