[lazarus] Q: Current progress

Curtis White osiriz at teleport.com
Sun Sep 12 18:31:14 EDT 1999


I was looking at the Notebook stuff and there is a fair amount involved with
moving it from the IntSendMessage2 function to the new IntSendMessage3
function. I am working on it now. So you won't have to worry about migrating it
(it is taking a fair amount of work but will be much cleaner) to the new
IntSendMessage3 function. I should have it done in a little while and I will
commit it to CVS. That should fix the notebook code and then I can get going on
the TClipboard code again.

I will leave moving it to its own directory to you, though :-)


On 12-Sep-99 Michael A. Hess wrote:
> Curtis White wrote:
>> It isn't working correctly any more and I am guessing that it is
>> because it is in the middle of being moved to the new gtkint functions
>> (I haven't checked anything to see why).
> I only just cycled a new compiler and update Lazarus myself last night
> for the first since before I went on vacation which was 4 weeks ago. :-\
> I hope to get the gtkint stuff moved over into the separate directory
> this week and cleanup the remaining code. I keep the list posted.

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