[lazarus] Notebook fixed and committed

Curtis White osiriz at teleport.com
Mon Sep 13 00:02:09 EDT 1999

The Notebook components are all now fixed and working with the new gtkint
IntSendMessage3 function. I have committed the changes.

Also, I fixed a couple of small bugs in the example and enhanced it a little.

I also fixed a small bug in the progressbar example where the Quit menu didn't
quit. This was because the OnClicked event in the menu items hasn't been
changed to OnClick yet. The example was assigning the OnClick event. So, to
make the Quit menu work for now, I just changed it to OnClicked.

Also, since it appears the TFontDialog code is working now, and it only took 3
lines of code, I went ahead and added it to the commondialogs example
(TFontDialog was missing). So now all the common dialogs in the example are

Well, now I am off to work on the TClipboard component.


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