[lazarus] Newbie needing help

Paul Pritchard ppritcha at delphiplanet.com
Mon Sep 13 16:04:15 EDT 1999

I'm new and trying to just compile Lazarus to take a look at it.  I'm using

I tried checking out the code from the CVS server but it asks me for a
password.  Since I don't know the password, I downloaded everything from the
ftp server.

The compiler compiled fine.
The fcl directory didn't compile.  The classesh.inc file contains several
procedures with parameters that appear to be reserved words (Size in
TCustomMemoryStream.SetPointer; Root and MethodName in TReader.FindMethod
and TReader.ReadRootComponent; and Root in TWriter.WriteDescendant).  I
renamed these hoping to keep going (and changed the corresponding procedures
in reader.inc, writer.inc, etc.).  After my modifications, fcl compiled.
The lazarus directory didn't compile.  I get an out of memory message when
compiling lazarus.pp.
The lazarus/lcl directory didn't compile.  I get an error message:
Compilation aborted gtkcallback.inc:184, runtime error 216 while compiling

I'm sure that I am doing something wrong.  Any help would be appreciated.


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