[lazarus] Newbie needing help

Jeffrey A. Wormsley daworm at cdc.net
Mon Sep 13 17:01:33 EDT 1999

On 9/13/99, at 4:04 PM, Paul Pritchard wrote: 

>I tried checking out the code from the CVS server but it asks me for a
>password.  Since I don't know the password, I downloaded everything from
>ftp server.

The cvs password for checkout is CVS.  You should only have to do this

>The compiler compiled fine.
>The fcl directory didn't compile.  The classesh.inc file contains several
>procedures with parameters that appear to be reserved words (Size in
>TCustomMemoryStream.SetPointer; Root and MethodName in TReader.FindMethod
>and TReader.ReadRootComponent; and Root in TWriter.WriteDescendant).  I
>renamed these hoping to keep going (and changed the corresponding
>in reader.inc, writer.inc, etc.).  After my modifications, fcl compiled.

I cycled the compiler and couldn't make the fcl either.  I reverted to a
7/28 compiler and the LCL went ok.  I still couldn't compile lazarus with
it.  Got an error like the following:

Compiling .\lcl\tabnotbk.pp
Linking .\lazarus.exe
E:\pp\source\rtl\win32\objpas.ow(.text+0x3c1):objpas.pp: undefined
reference to
E:\pp\source\rtl\win32\objpas.ow(.text+0x494):objpas.pp: undefined
reference to
E:\pp\source\rtl\win32\objpas.ow(.text+0x520):objpas.pp: undefined
reference to
E:\pp\source\rtl\win32\objpas.ow(.text+0x537):objpas.pp: undefined
reference to
E:\pp\source\rtl\win32\objpas.ow(.text+0x567):objpas.pp: undefined
reference to
E:\pp\source\rtl\win32\objpas.ow(.text+0x57e):objpas.pp: more undefined
Closing script .\ppas.bat
3061 Lines compiled, 7.4 sec

>The lazarus directory didn't compile.  I get an out of memory message when
>compiling lazarus.pp.
>The lazarus/lcl directory didn't compile.  I get an error message:
>Compilation aborted gtkcallback.inc:184, runtime error 216 while compiling

I got this on LCL with the latest cycled compiler as well when compiling

>I'm sure that I am doing something wrong.  Any help would be appreciated.

Check the Win32 HowTo avaialable at :


It should at least get you going in the right direction.  It may be a
little out of date, as a new version of GTK is out since it was written,
but the versions listed there will work.  I'll update it when I get a

One thing not covered there.  If you are using the utilities supplied with
FPC (especially make) then you will run into a command line length problem
when compiling lazarus.  Make a batch file in your path (or an equivalent
CMD if on NT) like the following:


@echo off
make clean
make -n >junk.bat
call junk
del junk.bat

This will overcome the command line length problem.


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