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Stefan Hille stoppok at osibisa.ms.sub.org
Mon Sep 13 20:56:06 EDT 1999


On Mon, Sep 13, 1999 at 08:56:21PM +0200, Peter Vreman wrote:
> > The timer seemed to crash after I cycled a new compiler, but I also cycled
> > new lazarus too so I'm not sure what changes were made in Lazarus.  Not too
> > much though, and certainly nothing done to TTimer.
> > 
> > I'll try re-cycling the compiler in hopes that they (the compiler folks)
> > have found something.
> If it's a compiler bug please create assembler listings using -al and
> compare the lists from the 2 compiler versions using 'diff -c'. 

I did'nt do a that but think I found the reason in the "with" statement.
In contrast to most other lcl components, the stuff related to TTimer and 
TProgressBar makes use of constructs like

  with (TProgressBar (Sender)) do

Both, TTimer and TProgressbar, showed undesired behaviour with the latest
compiler so I changed them to work without the "with" and everything works
fine then.

Hope this helps.



PS: I'll not update lazarus cvs with my changes now since I'm too tired.
    Good night.
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