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Dear all,

Unfortunately, this is true.  A lot of people use VB because that's the
standard (Microsoft standard, that is).  I've been using Delphi since
version 2 and I think it's the best development tool around.
Unfortunately, more hype has been put in to other languages like Java
and VB.

I need a favor from you guys.  If you have any "technical" comparisons
of Delphi and Lazarus with other languages like Java and VB, please send
or resend to all of us.  Right now I'm in the process of introducing
Delphi to the students in my university, and I would be very thankful
for any inputs. With these technical comparisons we can easily convince
other people to use Delphi and Lazarus.  Maybe we can also put it in the


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Colin Laplace wrote:
> Yes, this is why i HATE visual Basic. Btw, when people wants to do a
> serious work on Win32, they don't use VB, it's getting very old now
> and lacks many features.

For coders like the group here, interested in FPC, who use Delphi and
code for Linux, etc. etc. etc. I will agree with the above statement. I
myself hate VB. However, I am currently doing a contract job for the
largest dental supplies distributer in the US writing a complete
e-commerce application for use by sales reps and customers. It is being
written in VB. We coders, and I consider anyone interested or involved
with FPC and Lazarus to be the cream of the crop, would not use VB but
we aren't always the people making the decisions. Many times management
who barely know how to turn on a computer pick the products used to
develop with. VB is a name that they have heard (M$ marketing) and that
is what they go with. The place mentioned above has 40 people in the TIS
department and would you believe that not one of them had ever heard of
Delphi. To make matters worse all but one has NEVER seen Linux. Several
have even asked me why would they want to use Linux. This was asked by
several who are Unix users.

My point of my file size comparison was just to point out that alot of
application in the corporate world are written in VB. They deliver at
least that minimal file amount that I indicate. If the corporate world
doesn't mind doing it for VB they shouldn't have any problem doing 50%
fewer files and be able to deliver on 2 platforms at the same time.

I have kept track over the last 4 months of how many people, fellow
coders and clients, have ever heard of Delphi. In 4 months I found only
1 other person. Just one! I have also learned that pascal is not only
not taught in college any more but it isn't even mentioned. When I asked
about this I was told that college professors consider pascal to be a
dead language and not to be seriously considered. Yet they still promote
Visual Basic. Makes you scratch your head, doesn't it!!

Well enough of this. Time to get some work done.   :-)

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