[lazarus] CVS Changes

Shane Miller smiller at lakefield.net
Fri Sep 17 19:24:46 EDT 1999

I see trackbar was updated to remove the scaledigits.  I was updating at the
same time so this may have cuased a problem, but I had to comment a line out
in gtkobject.inc that contained the variable scaledigits.  It was undefined.

As for the editor, you can not type stuff and it appears, you can click and
the cursor shows up pretty close to where it should, and you can backspace
over characters.

I added invalidaterect to gtkobject.inc and it works pretty cool, but not
perfectly.  I need to only redraw the TRECT portion of the screen, but I end
up re-drawing everything because of a redraw in the FORMPAINT after I do a
colorize.  When I took the Canvas.AutoReDraw := true (which forces a redraw)
it didn't appear correctly.

Not sure how to get around that yet, so I commented most of the code in the
invalidaterect out.  Would like to get it to work though.

Soon, you will be able to save files in the editor.....should be

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