[lazarus] First try on compiling lazarus...

Peter Henriksen repete at cyberdude.dk
Sun Sep 19 04:58:37 EDT 1999

Hi again.

> > syslinux.pp(34,2) Fatal: Can't open include file systemh.inc
> current compiler build. Before it can build the fcl it is trying to
> rebuild the rtl. Go into the rtl directory and type make. This should
> build the rtl first. Then go to fcl, do make, then gtk, do make, then
> lazarus, do make.

Ok, I tried updating my soruce, copied /opt/fpc/base to /opt/fpc, rebuilt
the compiler (Ok) and at last did 'make clean' and 'make' in rtl
directory (Ok).

Now when 'make'ing in fcl directory, I get the following :

Compiling classes.pp
objpas.pp(26,1) Hint: Conditional HASRESOURCESTRINGS was set at startup in last compilation of objpas.pp
stringsi.inc(28,11) Hint: Conditional LINUX was set at startup in last compilation of sysutils.pp
sysutils.pp(28,11) Fatal: Can't find unit SYSUTILS
make[1]: Leaving directory `/opt/fpc/fcl/linux'

I can see, that maybe I have come a step further (or maybe not :-)

Best regards

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