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Shane Miller SMiller1 at stvgb.org
Wed Sep 22 09:29:44 EDT 1999

Yes, I did but only sent the code to CVS because I needed to pull it here at work.  I plan on fixing the issue today.  
Here's why I changes TCutsomNotebook:

I got the editor displaying the code correctly.  Now I need to display that code on a notebook page but the problem is that only forms have canvas' at this popint so I need to add one to the notebook.
I started by adding it to tcustomnbotrebook but soon realized that it should be added to tcustomcontrol.  Also, I have to make sure the paint message method is used in tcustomcontrol so I can get  paint messages.   I did initially change the tnotebook but I will be returning it back to it's proper state.

Sorry for the trouble that this caused.


>>> Curtis White <osiriz at teleport.com> 09/22/99 12:42AM >>>
Has anyone changed anything recently in gtkobject.inc or in extctrls.pp that
could potentially affect the Notebook component?  The reason I ask is that all
the sudden the notebook component doesn't work any more and I get the following
warning when I compile the lcl code:

customnotebook.inc(303,44) Hint: Parameter not used PARAMS
customnotebook.inc(320,39) Hint: Parameter not used PROC
customnotebook.inc(320,60) Hint: Parameter not used ROOT
customnotebook.inc(341,39) Hint: Parameter not used ACONTROL
timer.inc(105,29) Hint: Parameter not used MSG
Warning: ./extctrls.ppu Interface CRC changed -294228524<>-1361824228
Assembling extctrls                                                            

I don't know if this warning has anything to do with the notebook not working
any more or not. I am just trying to figure out what is causing the problem.
The problem appears to be when attempting to access the Strings property of a
Notebook page. Normally, this sets the name placed on the notebook tab. 

The notebook page (TNBPages) inherits from TStrings. The Strings property calls
a virtual method called Put.  I have Put defined in the customnotebook.inc file.
Something has changed within the last few days that caused this method to stop

I know it was working several days ago and now it isn't. But I don't know
exactly what changed. I did cycle my compiler tonight, including the fcl, rtl,
lcl and all the other code. So the problem could be anywhere :-(

If anyone has any ideas that might be able to help me figure this out, please
let me know. I have been working on it now for about 3 hours tonight and still
haven't found the problem.


Curtis White
Curtis White <osiriz at teleport.com>

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