[lazarus] Possible cvs trouble

Stefan Hille stoppok at osibisa.ms.sub.org
Thu Sep 23 16:49:59 EDT 1999


I'm not absolute sure about this topic but have noticed some things
when updating from cvs.

  1. Few days ago Shane stated that he had to comment out a line related
     to TTrackbar in gtkobject. Seems as if he overwrote some of the
     changes I made a couple of hours before he committed. 
     Q: How can this happen and how can we avoid it?

  2. Somebody has created empty log messages in the last few days. I'd
     suggest to always make a short log entry because these can help a lot 
     when something suddenly goes wrong.

  3. I've updated from cvs on 22/09/99 and 23/09/99. With both updates
     I got a new version of gtkobject.inc. 

     Q: Can anybody explain me why there was a log entry for v1.50 in this 
        file present in the 22/09/99 sources but has disappered in the
        23/09/99 sources?


Stefan Hille          email: stoppok at osibisa.ms.sub.org 
48155 Muenster	      voice: 0251/664695 

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