[lazarus] TControl

Gertjan Schouten gertjan at escroweurope.nl
Tue Sep 28 03:58:16 EDT 1999

> Hi,
> while debugging I needed TControl.Controls[], so I added it.
> Then I found that our TContol has a FWInControls and a FControls
> collection. Whats the meaning of this. (FWInControls is only referenced on

FControls contains all child objects which have been derived from TControl,
including all TWinControl objects. FWinControls contains only child objects
derived from TWinControl.

This also determines the z-order of the controls, non windowed controls
appear before windowed controls. f.e. a TBevel can never overlap a TEdit

> Insert and Delete). Furter I saw that Self is a member of FControls. Is
> this correct. I thought that FControls only contained Child controls.

It should contain only child controls.


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